Solid Bikes
800 NE Granger Ave
Corvallis, OR, 97330

General Information
Phone: +1 (916)801-7263

1. Warranty Information
We at Solid Bikes, warrant all of our products to be free from defects in the material used and the workmanship on the product. We do understand stuff happens, parts break, and the world is not perfect unfortunately but this does not warrant you taking a hacksaw to the top tube of a frame and emailing us saying that your frame magically broke when you bunny hopped over your lunch box, because then we might raise an eyebrow or three. But if you believe something is not right, please do not hassle the friendly people at your local bike shop.

For all warranty issues, please contact us at

2. What is the warranty on Solid products?
Email us if you’re having problems with something, although if you email us because you’re having a problem with your Duke frame, then we have no idea what we’d do.

5. I can’t find a product of yours in my country
We do all of our own distribution so depending on your country’s distributors they probably haven’t gotten in contact with us. We sell our products right here on our site, so if your a international customer not wanting to go through your local shop then please email and we’ll get back to you pricing and shipping information.