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Archive: February 2011

February 26, 2011   -     -  

Cap, Dirt Ryan, and Tristan at Nunya.


February 25, 2011   -     -  

The trip was awesome, by far one of the best I’ve ever been on. We started out in Phoenix, went down to Tucson, back up to Phoenix, and then over to Riverside.Everyone stayed laughing and smiling the whole time with no saltiness. With the amount of blunt smoking and beer drinking that was constantly going

Dig Costa

February 22, 2011   -     -

The Dudes, The Homies, The Guys, The Friends…

February 16, 2011   -     -  

Well the crew packed up and headed to Arizona yesterday just in time to miss out on the wind and rain we received today and for the rest of the week. Three cars, some semi questionable premade burrito fillings and a lot of excitement. Some of the guys have been there many times, some have

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