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Archive: November 2010

Whats the Word? Thunderbird!

November 27, 2010   -     -  

The frame formerly known as “Trail Blazer” is now called the “Thunderbird” or T-Bird for those in the know. The cruiser frames is now called the “Ox” or “Big Al’s Cruiser” and the “Spanish 71” is now the “Mockingbird” to continue the animal name streak. Ernest Gallo and his brothers Julio and Joe wanted to

Nick Black Bird

November 24, 2010   -     -  

Opposite hang over tooth Pic by Joey Cobbs

What Are They Doing Now?

November 18, 2010   -     - Ryan Worcester is rafting the Grand Canyon with Seth Holton for three weeks piloting the “shitter” raft. Ivers is maybe in Oregon and maybe not. Nick Black is for sure in Oregon getting ready to work at a ski lodge or something. Gerald Norman is living in the city getting clips before the wet

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