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Archive: October 2010

October 27, 2010   -     -  

Solid Bikes Props Ad from FRANCHI$E on Vimeo.

Hot Action

October 25, 2010   -     -  

Charlie from cfb on Vimeo. We have Charlies video “Seal of Approval” for sale on the site. Filmed entirely on VHS and full of years of amazing footage. seal of approval (dvd) from cfb on Vimeo. Just got the bars back from the heattreater and am taking them to the painter today. Working on more

October 13, 2010   -     -  

Down to the last AAv2 frame in stock, only three HL bars left, five Iron Cross bars, about 8 21″ Euro Killing Machines and twenty or so 20.5″ Euro Killing Machines. Seemed like they would last forever, but are almost gone. We are going to miss them. Just making room for the new stuff. We

Old Zac

October 10, 2010   -     -  
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