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End of the Year…

December 15, 2015   -     -  

I finally got everything unpacked, cleaned, organized, photographed and posted on the store as well as stocked up on tapered rear end tubing, dropouts, head tube rings, hats, t shirts and just about everything that was low or out of stock. After 20 years of building bikes, handlebars and what nots, we have a ton of random leftover tubing and bits and pieces around here. Its all on the store and once its gone its gone. Happy holidays and looking forward to 2016…

2015 Update…

October 5, 2015   -     -  

Things have been crazy busy around the shop stocking up on frame building parts, doing production work and unpacking from the move last summer. Consolidated the Solid webstore with the frame building webstore since we are very low on some old Solid stock like bars, frames, stems and headsets. Got some new Tshirts and hats coming in as well as laser cut parts and tapered rearend tubing in both open end and bullet tip. Tapered headtubes are flying off the shelf and working on doing a slightly thinner version. Also selling them cut and squared to length. On the down side, I am going to be raising the prices across the board slightly to cover material/shipping/cost of living increases associated with life in these modern times. Sorry. Also going to get rid of the facebook and get instagram going once my replacement phone arrives.

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